It takes me forever to start a book.

Starting a New Book

Despite that I am an avid reader. I love reading. There is something magical about a book that no other art form can replicate. Nothing else can thoroughly push the limits of my imagination and transport me to another world. I’m also really good at picking books I’ll like, therefore I’m almost guaranteed to enjoy what I’m about to read. So why am I always staring down at the cover of a new book like it’s some horrible undertaking to put myself through?

I was thinking about this recently when I was putting off starting a new book, even though I had nothing better to do. When I’m avoiding a new book I’ll sit on the subway and stare at other people and hope that they don’t notice. Sometimes I even try to read what the person beside me is reading instead of my own book and again REALLY hope no one notices me do it. (Super creepy right?)

I’ve boiled it down to this: I’m always dreading the first 50 or so pages when I’m getting into the story. Once I’m involved you can’t tear me away from the book. But I can find the start of books frustrating. Especially before I’ve gotten to know or .care for any of the characters. I usually have to force myself to continue reading, until I have a stake in their story. This can be especially frustrating when I read a book of short stories because as soon as I get attached to the characters the story is over and I have to start the process again. Is anyone else in this boat? Does anyone else try and read other peoples books on public transport? Or am I just weird?