Written by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher. Drawn by Babs Tarr.

From what I understand, ladies are the fastest growing demographic of comic book readers. To encourage and satisfy their growing numbers, publishers have been creating more female-centric comics. As a female, and as someone who has been reading more and more comics lately (thanks to my lovely boyfriend), I am very curious to see what they come out with. This month DC has a couple of new series aimed at their female viewers that I’m excited about.  Not because they’re made for girls, but because they look like great stories. (Disclaimer: they might look great because I am a girl)

Batgirl 1To explain why ‘Batgirl’ is so exciting I have to go back to 2011. This is when DC Comics announced that it was releasing all of their franchises under the ‘New 52.’ This meant they stopped all production of their current comics and rebooted them all. Each series would have a 52-month arch and all of the stories would take place in the same universe. ‘Batgirl’ was one of these comics, but it wasn’t very well received: a lot of people thought it was boring and dark. So DC scrapped the story at comic #34 and is re-releasing ‘Batgirl’ with a new modern feel, setting, supporting cast and creative team. The series starts at #35, but it’s an easy jumping off point for anyone who has just started reading. Barbara Gorden is back and a fire has destroyed anything she owns (I believe this is to help explain the sudden transition caused by the series change-over). She’s a grad student with a photographic memory. She lives in the hipster neighborhood of Gotham where she parties, hooks up with boys and struggles with spending money responsibly. In other words, she’s in her twenties. The villains that she’s fighting are also more modern. There are cyber crimes for the new cyber generation.

Batgirl2This might sounds like gross pandering, which it kind of is. But I’ve heard nothing be great things about this creative team and I’d love to see a comic done well about a girl just trying to get by in her 20s. (I might be able to relate to that). I also love the expansion of the Gotham world. How do young people in their 20s fit into the city? And is it possible to have a good time living in Gotham?