High fantasy is my favorite genre in pretty much any medium…



‘The Lord of the Rings’ (as a series) is in my top five books. Which is why I always felt a little embarrassed when people would find out I hadn’t read ‘The Silmarillion.’ Could I really claim LOTR as one of my favorite books and not have read all of Tolkien’s work?

‘The Silmarillion’ was super intimidating. I’d heard it was a hard read so I kept putting it off because I was waiting to be in the right ‘frame of mind’

Finally my friend and I made a pact that we would both have read the Simillarian by the end of 2015, which he did. I got a little distracted with Civ, but I did finish it by the end of January.

First of all: It is a tough read. The first third felt like I was reading some sort of bible. I couldn’t keep track of who were Gods, who were Elves and who was whose son. But after that first third, either the book got a little easier or I fell into the pattern of it, because I started really enjoying it. I was actually able to keep track of the characters and who was whose son.

Now I’m so, so happy that I read it! It puts this world of ‘Middle Earth’ that Tolkien built into a whole new perspective. Bilbo and Frodo barely make it into the book. They’’re just a tiny part of this battle between good and evil that has been fought for thousands of years. When I inevitably re-read the whole LOTR series, I’ll start with ‘The Silmarillion’ and I believe I’ll get so much more out of it.