Silicon Valley Photo

I was shocked and delighted to find myself laughing out loud during the first episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley

Let me explain: I’ve found that comedy shows tend to take a while to find their stride and/or the viewer needs a few episodes to acclimate to the character’s quirks and the running gags. This can make it hard for me to stay with comedies, especially when I’m waiting for them get better. Why waste my time?   Silicon Valley does not have that problem. Its been funny from the start and continues to improve. It’s created by former ‘Valley’ employee Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis and Butthead) and centers around Richard, an awkward, un-confident genius, who inadvertently creates a data-compressing algorithm that could ‘change the world.’ At the end of the first episode, Richard has to decide whether he should cash-in and sell his project or invest and sell a percentage of it to a powerful mentor who will allow Richard to develop it himself. The show manages to portray an over-the-top world full of weird, self-important characters and make me believe that this might not be too far from the truth.