Into the Woods

I’ve mentioned this on the blog before: Unless you have money to burn, finding good live theater can be frustrating. Tickets are expensive and even shows that have been well reviewed can be disappointing when you see them. Also, a lot of times when a show gets rave reviews the demand becomes so high that, unless you’re willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for tickets, there is no way you’re getting in. (I’m looking at you Hamilton!)

As someone who loves theater, but has a limited amount of money, I’m easily frustrated, especially when I spend money on a show that I don’t enjoy. So I’m always trying to find ways to make sure I see a quality production. I don’t always manage, but I have found some little tricks over the years. One thing I’ve learned to do is keep an eye out for new, smaller theater companies. If I enjoy a show they do I try attend their other productions. Tickets are generally cheaper and as I get to know their work I know what quality to expect.

Fiasco Theater Company is one of my favorites. It was put together by a group of Brown University alumni. Their plays (at least the ones I’ve seen) have a joyful quality to them that’s a breath of fresh air.

I was delighted to find out that they were behind the Roundabout Theater’s production of ‘Into the Woods’ since it is my favorite musical. I first watched the PBS version during music class in elementary school and my appreciation of it has only grown. I first loved it for the silly jokes and funny songs, and while I still appreciate those, I now love the twist on fairy tales and the in depth exploration of what ‘Happily Ever After’ really means. Needless to say, I had a great time at the show. There was something magical about seeing a troupe who I admire do justice to something I love so much.