I’m going to Iceland in a month!!!


I booked my plane tickets 9 months in advance, so it seemed like this trip was never going to actually happen. But NOW I have hotel rooms, cars and excursions booked so this trip is definitely going to happen. I’m so excited that I start bouncing in my seat when I really start thinking about it.

To calm/prepare myself I’ve been looking at pictures of the trip I took to Montana with my best friend a few years ago. I know Iceland will be a completely different experience but in my mind they have similar mountainous, glacial qualities . I thought I’d throw some of the pictures up here because they were making me so happy.


This was one of our first views on our drive for Missoula to Flathead Lake. There was something so romantic about the flat grassland with the mountains in the background.

Montana Fall


Flathead Lake, which is the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi. It was Stunning!

Flathead Lake - Montana


We went kayaking on the lake and my best friend snapped this photo of me. When I look at it now I find it hard to believe I was there

Kayaking on Flathead Lake - Montana


My best friend hiking in fairyland.

I’m joking (kind of) she’s in Glacier National Park, but I have a feeling they look similar

(Also please excuse the filter. I was obsessed with the hipstimatic photo app at the time, and as a result I have no ‘normal’ pictures from hiking around the park)
Hiking in Glacier National Park, Montana or Fairyland


This is Bowman Lake and this picture doesn’t do it justice

Bowman Lake, Glacier Nation Park - Montana